As flood watches continue, so does the rain

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The relentless rain and melting snow turns to disaster for an Ecorse woman with her basement filling with filthy water today.

Annetta Boyd says her neighbors are dealing with flooding too and they aren't alone. 

"That is backed up water from the sewer," Boyd said. "There's feces and all kind of stuff in there. It came up to my waist."

The National Weather Service issued a flood watch for several cities across Metro Detroit because of melting snow and steady rain expected to last several days, that could make flooding in areas possible.

Boyd says residents on her block see flooding quite often.

"It has been prone to flooding," she said. "We have a sump pump and the sump pumps supposed to deal with that but it's overwhelming."

And she says so is the damage to her basement 

"I don't have hot water, the heater, the furnace, the washer the dryer, the deep freezer," she said. "The food is a mess."

Boyd says she has complained to the city but never hears back.

"Everyone gives us a voice mail, we can't get to them," she said. "Some of my neighbors went to the city." 

Fox 2 also called the Ecorse Department of Public Works and we are waiting for a call back.

But for Boyd, she says she's wants the city to fix the problems so the water can go away and she can clean up her basement.