As reckless driving rises, urgent warning issued for motorcyclists and drivers by MSP

Two recent motorcycle crashes have happened on Southeast Michigan roads in just the past 24 hours.

The first happened in Howell, where a motorcycle and van collided and the motorcyclist was airlifted to the hospital – in critical condition.

Then, in Westland Tuesday night, a motorcycle and bicycle crashed – it’s unclear if anyone was hurt there.

As the warmer temperatures settle in with spring finally sprung, 1st Lt. Mike Shaw of Michigan State Police has a simple but important message.

"Slow down and calm down," he said. "We are having a lot of trouble sharing the roads with cars, and when you add pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles to the mix, we are concerned about where we are headed this summer."

In the last two days alone, in the metro area, state police have investigated 53 crashes where driver error was to blame and now that it’s nicer out those motorcycle crashes will be on the rise.

"If you listen to our dispatch radio, at least once every 15 minutes we are getting a call about a reckless driver," Shaw said.

Motorcycles blend in – so take that extra second, and look twice - you may save a life.

And for motorcyclists, weaving in and out of traffic is dangerous. Wear bright colors – and a helmet.

"People always say you don't have to wear a helmet," Shaw said. "Well you don't have to wear a cup in baseball either - until you get hit."

Starting this season, even state police disbanded their motorcycle unit. The big reason was the added danger to troopers.

"Putting them out there and (with the) additional danger to them, finally the director decided we weren't going to take a chance anymore," he said.