4 shot including three 14-year-olds on Penrod in Detroit after delivery dispute

Detroit police are at the scene of a quadruple shooting on the city's west side Thursday night after receiving a hit on Shotspotter followed by a 911 call.

Three 14-year-olds are among the victims as well as a fourth person in their 20s. The incident happened at 8:50 p.m. in the 13500 block of Penrod near the Davison and Southfield freeway. 

At least 30 shots were fired in what Detroit Police Chief James White called a shootout.  One suspect is in custody, at least four guns have been recovered. 

"This looks like a shootout this was some kind of dispute over a delivery," he said."They got into it, and shots were fired. And from both locations about 30 shots fired."

White said 11 people were removed from the home ranging in age from 7 years old to 20. 

"We're going to find out where the adults were," White said.

One person was shot in the face and is in serious condition, the others who are wounded are in temporary serious to serious, "So it looks like non-life threatening," White said. 

The fourth victim was found at another location where 911 was also called, he said - adding to confusion at first over the number of people wounded which was originally reported as three by police.

Many of the kids inside the home did not live in the area, leading to a host of questions investigators are working to get to the bottom of.

"This level of violence is unacceptable it is not something we are going to tolerate. We have good officers and we are not kidding around," White said. "You have 30 shots fired in our community, and we've got officers knocking on doors, to make sure we don't have people who have been hit due to an argument over a delivery.

"Too many guns and too many people putting them in the wrong hands."

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