Attorney General's Civil Rights Division looking into Royal Oak police officer incident

The Civil Rights Division of the Attorney General's office is looking into the detainment of an individual in Royal Oak.

The incident in question involves reports that officers with Royal Oak's Police Department stopped a black man for almost 20 minutes after a white woman called saying he was 'looking suspiciously; at her.

"The Civil Rights Division within the Michigan Department of Attorney General is investigating what occurred in Royal Oak on Tuesday," said Dana Nessel. "If ever there are concerns that the civil rights of Michigan residents have been violated, our office stands ready to investigate and pursue such matters."

Happening Tuesday evening in front of the Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak, a livestream on Facebook caught officers talking to Devin Myers. The man had been walking down 4th Street when a woman called police saying Myers was looking at her. 

Royal Oak Police apologize to black man stopped for 'looking suspiciously' at white woman
Royal Oak Police respond to call of black man for 'looking suspiciously' at white woman

Following the incident, Royal Oak police conducted an internal review and released a statement saying officers and supervisors did not handle the situation correctly. Both the police chief and the city manager said officers had no legal right to insist that Myers give his ID. 

"On behalf of the police department, I would like to apologize to Mr. Myers for how he was treated. What should have been a very short encounter was extended when the officer involved insisted on getting Mr. Myers’ identification. The officer had no legal right to demand the identification and should have simply advised Mr. Myers why we were there and allowed him to go on his way. The officer involved is a new, probationary officer and he made a mistake. This officer will be provided with remedial training to address this issue."