Attorneys who worked to secure $641.5M settlement for Flint residents asking to be paid

The hundreds of attorneys who helped secure a $641.5 million settlement for Flint residents impacted by the water crisis are seeking their cut.

"My firm alone put in over 2,000 hours," said Julie Hurwitz, partner at Goodman Hurwitz PC. "Everybody needs to get paid for their work. This is part of our job."

Hurwitz said all of the lawyers who helped with the case worked a combined 180,000 hours.

A request has been submitted to the courts to receive $202 million of the settlement.

"We are not seeking 1/3 ; we are asking the court to reduce the attorney fees to 27% for each claim," Hurwitz said. "When it gets broke down and ultimately divied, it remains to be seen how much we are ultimately going to be compensated for our time and expenses."

The remainder of the settlement would go to Flint residents who lived in the city during the water crisis.

It is unknown right now how much each eligible Flint resident could receive. Residents have until the end of this month to get in on the lawsuit.