Avocado Ice Box Pie recipe


•    Melt butter. Set Aside.
•    In a food processor, pulse Nilla wafers until coarse.  Add the coconut and pecan and pulse until the pecan pieces are broken up to a similar size as the wafers.
•    Pour into a small bowl and whisk in the sugar and salt.  Add butter until crumbs are moistened and hold its shape when you condense in your hand.
•    Bake at 325 in a convection oven on high fan until light brown (note: the crust will go back in the oven once its filled with the lime custard for a small amount of time)

Lime Custard (Yields 2 pies)

28 ounces    Condensed Milk
1 ¼ cups Lime Juice, fresh
2 each Lime Zest
8 each Egg Yolks

Procedure (make sure you mix and combine in the exact order listed below)

•    In a bowl, whisk together the condensed milk and lime juice.  Set aside.
•    In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks and lime zest in a small bowl for about 60 seconds until thickened.  Then whisk in the lime juice/condensed milk mixture into the yolks.
•    Pour into prepared crusts (already baked and cooled)
•    Bake at 325 in a convection oven on low fan for 10 minutes or until custard is set (slight jiggle)
•    Once baked, let it cool to room temperature - before adding avocado mousse.
•    DO NOT REFRIGERATE AT THIS POINT.  Apply avocado mousse before refrigeration.

Avocado Mousse (Yields 2 pies)

2 each Avocado, medium
9 ounces Cream Cheese, room temperature
7 ounces Lime Juice, fresh
4 each Lime Zest
28 ounces    Condensed Milk
1 ½ ounces    Mint, fresh
1packet Gelatin


•    Bloom one packet of gelatin in two ounces of cold water.
•    Combine ALL ingredients in a blender starting with the condensed milk, mint, avocado and cream cheese; mix on high until smooth
•    Immediately pour over the top of the lime custard and smooth out evenly.  Refrigerate.