Back door robber breaking into Royal Oak homes while victims sleep

A suspect is on the prowl in Royal Oak and police say he's breaking into homes and stealing purses, wallets, and laptops, all while people are sound asleep inside.

The prowler is caught on camera lurking in backyards and peeping into windows in Royal Oak. But he appears just a bit too comfortable in a home that's not his as he makes his way inside.

"Based on the incidents that we've had, this individual is looking for items that are small and quick to grab and carry," Royal Oak Police Lt. Keith Spencer said.

Royal Oak police say he's responsible for a string of burglaries including a home near 12 Mile and Woodward and another on Tonawanda. Both were broken into in early February on the same night. 

"There was what appeared to be an unlocked window and he cut the screen in the process of it," Spencer said.

Police say they believe he then spent his Valentine's Day evening breaking into a home on Maxwell near Catalpa stealing a duffel bag and laptop bag. They said he got in through an unlocked back door. He kept the cash, police say, and ditched the bags at a nearby park. 

"After that, we got a report of a generator that had been taken from the back yard of a home," Spencer said.

After taking a look at that video, Royal Oak police say they're now working with Beverly Hills and Birmingham police to see if recent home invasions in those cities are connected.

"We're comparing notes, we're seeing similarities between their incidents and our incidents," Spencer said. "Were definitely interested in stopping this individual before he does break into a home and steal more items."

Police are unsure if the man is from the area or just familiar with it. Either way, you can protect yourself, and it's easy: 

"Lock your doors, make sure things are secured, and have outside lights on," Spencer said.