Back to school - how to avoid the 'freshman 15'

The kids go off to college and its new found freedom. Stay up as late as you want, hang out with whomever you want and eat whatever you want.

That can add up to the notorious weight gain that comes with the first year of school. But there are ways to avoid it.

It's often called the "freshman 15," it's not really 15.

Registered dietitian Lisa Cimperman says some of the weight gain may be normal, because kids may not be done growing.

But some weight gain comes from all you can eat dining halls and possibly new drinking habits.

"Beer contributes to weight gain," she said.

Lisa also says one of the biggest mistakes is eating when you're not really hungry.

"The biggest thing is, don't set yourself up for stress eating, not while studying or when you're stressed," she said.

And here's a lesson we can learn at any age, get enough sleep.

"We know not getting enough sleep is tied to overeating and weight gain," she said.

It is good habits that can start in college, but can last a lifetime.