Belleville family of 10 loses everything in a fire

First came the flood, then came the fire. 

For one Belleville family now living out of a hotel, it's been a tough past year. Just as they had gotten through major flooding that damaged their home last August, a fire torched the house - and left them with no place to go.

For Martha Dejesus, the last 10 months has been a "nightmare."

"There's no way things can happen back to back like that. Especially to good people," she said.

Dejesus and her partner Jacob Hixson are now living with their eight children - all girls - out of a hotel. 

"It hurts because it's not only affecting us, but them. Everything they want to come back and get, they wanna come here," said Dejesus.

The kids range in age from six months to 14 years. What can be seen in their backyard is all that remains of their possessions that are useable. Everything else, from furniture and clothes, to memorabilia and keepsakes were lost. 

It's unclear what caused the fire, but the family speculates faulty wiring in a ceiling fan in one of their daughter's rooms. 

"We're just thankful that our oldest daughter wasn't in her room. All the kids were out," said Hixson.

The family was at a birthday party for one of the middle girls turning 8 years old. Hixson's mom was home and heard smoke alarms go off Saturday and was able to get out.

HIxson had also just replaced the batteries, as well. 

"It sucks to see them sad because they can't go home to it. It's their everyday life, you know? They had everything set up how they liked it - it just sucks," said Hixson. 

"It was home," said Dejesus.

Now, left without a home, the family is looking for help from the community - pleading for anything they can spare. The biggest thing they're in need of are clothes for their eight girls. If you'd like to support them, you can find their gofundme here.

The family has also given permission to post their phone number for anyone who wants to donate supplies. You can reach them at (734) 363-4206