Bernie Sanders holds coronavirus roundtable in Detroit

Hoping for a repeat of his big win in Michigan in the 2016 primary, Bernie Sanders is in the midst of making several campaign stops across the state. 

Monday afternoon he took part in a roundtable discussion on the coronavirus COVID-19 in Detroit. Sanders is discussing the global coronavirus outbreak and what must be done to address it. 

He was joined by medical professionals and national and state public health leaders.

Sanders spoke about the vaccine, and said he believes it should be free once it is developed. 

"Once that vaccine is developed, and it must be developed as quickly as we can, working with folks all over the world, obviously it should be made free to every person in this country and every person in the world," Sanders said. "Does anybody in their right mind believe that if you are rich you should be able to afford a vaccine to save your life and if you are poor, you've got to die? Is that really where we are at in the United States of America?"

Later in the evening, he's holding a town hall at the University of Michigan-Dearborn field house. 

Bernie Sanders was in Ann Arbor last night and also previously in Grand Rapids. 

Michigan's primary election is Tuesday, March 10. Get more information on voting and your ballot here