Between 2 and 4 inches of snow coming to SE Michigan Wednesday into Thursday

Sunday and Monday we had temps in the 50s - not bad for February in Michigan. But let's remember we're in the middle of winter and, in 48 hours, we'll be reminded of that with several inches of snow as the third big snowmaker this season heads our way.

  • When: Wednesday night - Thursday
  • What: Some freezing rain, accumulating snow
  • How Much: 2-4" (as of Monday)

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Here's how all that's going to play out.

Beginning Wednesday night we will see a system to our south gain strength and move our way. While there is still some uncertainty to the forecast (more than normal, in fact) it looks likely enough that we are calling for 2 to 4 inches of snow to fall late Wednesday into Thursday afternoon. 

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Thanks to a "kink" in the jet stream, much colder air will be present at every layer of the atmosphere. With cold air present, and moisture moving in... it doesn't take a certified meteorologist to tell you that these things combine to create snow (although, hey, that's what I'm here for).

This will of course time out with the morning commute and possibly affect school scheduling for Thursday.

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The one question mark that remains is how north the system tracks. If it moves farther north, a chunk of the precip may be rain, meaning snowfall totals would be lower. It's possible that could happen, but it's also possible that the system could gain strength and dump more... meaning totals could inch up.

I'll say it simply: Thursday is going to have snow, and yes, you'll have to shovel it. 

More details to come.