Billboards along 8 Mile warns Black drivers of 'Racial Profiling Zone'

Billboards along Eight Mile Road read "Warning: Racial Profiling Zone." It also asks to "share your story" and includes a phone number, Twitter handle, and a Facebook page.

One of them is near Eight Mile and Dequindre, there are two more at Eight Mile and Woodward, and I-94 and Morang. It's part of a billboard campaign by The Racial Profiling Across Eight Mile Committee.

Three billboards are currently up  -- and two more will go up next month.

The goal is to warn drivers of what they call a big problem along Eight Mile and to find a way to stop it. 

"We want people to share their stories and to reach out to us, to explain what the harassment and the targeting has been like," said Allen Denard. "Of course we hope that we can stop this overpolicing, because that is the end goal. But we need people to be aware that this is still an ongoing problem.