Birthday party store mysteriously disappears without refunding customers

Some kids' birthday party dreams were dashed after an indoor playground suddenly shuts its doors, leaving parents high and dry.

Two months ago Heather Scott booked a party for her daughter's 3rd birthday at Treasure Island playground on 8 Mile in Livonia.

All she needed to do was put $100 down as a deposit.

"They did all the decorating and they had a lot of nice themes, so they had a really big party room and a princess theme that they were going to do," Scott said.

Not anymore. Earlier this week this mom received an email which informed her and dozens of others who signed up for the same that the popular destination was shutting down.

"It said because of financial reasons. The expected outcome wasn't meeting the revenue they were bringing in," Scott said.

When she tried to email the company about getting her money back, she learned the email account no longer existed.

FOX 2 called the contact number on the website. Apparently, the phone number has been disconnected and when we came her the Livonia location, the door was locked and you could see no one has been there for a while.

Nothing left inside and according to the owner of Scrappy Chic next door, the owner packed up and moved out in a hurry.

It appears someone wasn't very happy with that. The day after this place was cleared out, Chris Nicholson says her staff told her police showed up at Treasure Island, investigating a case of vandalism.

"The picture they sent me was just of the police car there, but when I took a walk down there I noticed that there's spray paint all over the windows. There appears to be paint thrown all over, so something more happened inside apparently," she said.

As for Scott, she's sure what more she could have done. Treasure Island had excellent online reviews.

She isn't happy about losing $100 , but right now she's more concerned about booking another party.  

Some parents she says had parties planned for this weekend and now they're all back to square one.

"It's absolutely terrible, because you think you have a plan in place," she said.