Black women say manager targeted them at Blufin Sushi in Grosse Pointe Farms

Three women enjoying a Saturday evening at Blufin Sushi in Grosse Point Farms believe they were targets of racial discrimination. The women were sitting at the bar having a meal and drinks for a few hours, when the general manager asked them to get up from seats and move to another spot to make room for other customers.

"Wait a minute. Were we just targeted? Because there are other people at the bar. Why did you reach out to us?" Kimberly Hudson wants to know.

"There were other people at the bar and she only approached our group. When Kim said, 'Oh, I guess it's a possibility that we could leave,' we got the bill; we cashed out," says Adrienne Savage.

Before leaving, the third woman, TaNisha Prater, recorded a 15 minute video on Facebook live. She and the manager had an exchange of words when Prater expressed her opinion on social media.

Her video has been shared hundreds of times. All three women talked to FOX 2's Josh Landon about what happened to them. Watch what else they have to say in the video player above.

About 10 minutes after their exchange, the police arrived - they were were called there by the manager.

One officer gave the manager's version of what happened. She says she thought the women had finished and wanted to make room for other customers. But even if the women had been done at the bar, they say another employee told them there is no limit to sit there.

The women said they felt they were singled out for being the only black people in the establishment at the time.

"Thankfully where we live, in the land of the internet and social media, you can document things like this. You can capture that moment, and I'm so grateful Tanisha was able to do that," says Savage.

One lady who says she is a long time customer chimed in on social media.

"I am appalled at the treatment of human beings in this day and age and at a time when tensions are high. They we're enjoying an evening out no differently than myself or anyone else there. I sincerely hope your establishment will be doing something right your wrongs. Until then my practice and I will be taking your business elsewhere. Shame on you," Betty Palfrey wrote in part on Blufin's Facebook page. Many others have left comments of the same nature.

The ladies here have a response for Betty.

"She sat there and witnessed the whole thing, so, Miss Betty, if you're out there we thank you. We appreciate you for stepping up. Thank you very much," says Hudson.

FOX 2 attempted to contact management at Blufin on Sunday, but they were closed for the day.

This is a developing story. Stay with FOX 2 for updates.