Bo Schembechler's son to address abuse by UM doctor, plans to discuss father's knowledge of events Thursday

The son of former Michigan head coach Bo Schembechler plans to speak Thursday on the alleged abuse committed by a former sports doctor at the University of Michigan and his father's knowledge of the abuse. 

Matt Schembechler will be joined by two other players and attorneys for a press conference tomorrow afternoon. He was also abused by the doctor, according to release sent by Attorney Jon Marko.

He'll also present evidence that Bo ignored abuse by team doctor Robert Anderson, who has been accused of sexually abusing hundreds of men that attended the school. 

A previous report conducted by an independent team of investigators found series of problematic decisions made by the school that enabled Anderson to continually assault student-athletes throughout his tenure, which lasted decades.

Among those who were aware of the accusations is Bo, the 240-page report said. 

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On Thursday, "Matt Schembechler will set the record straight regarding his own abuse by Dr. Anderson and his father’s failure to protect him and other athletes," said the release.

Daniel Kwiatkowski, a former offensive tackle and Gilvanni Johnson, a former wide receiver - both who played under the famed Wolverine football coach and both were assaulted by Anderson. 

They will also speak alongside Matt.