Bob Bashara appears in court wanting retrial

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Bob Bashara was back in court Wednesday months after a jury convicted him of arranging the murder of his wife Jane. Now he wants a new trial claiming his original defense lawyers botched his case.

During the hearing it looked like Bob Bashara was going to take the stand when he was sworn in.

After taking a seat in the witness box, Judge Vonda Evans told him to step down. Evans said she wants a full day of testimony and Bashara is set to testify Thursday morning.

Bashara says his lawyers were bad and that justifies a new trial. One issue today - why wasn't handyman Joe Gentz arrested for murder?

Evans: "You're saying you can't arrest somebody for murder unless you get DNA," Evans said.  

"In this case he was released because we didn't have sufficient evidence at the time," said David Hiller, director of public safety, Grosse Pointe Park.

Evans: "But he admitted he killed Mrs. Bashara."

Hiller; "Mr. Gentz had made a confession, but it was somewhat disjointed at times,"

And former FBI agent Hank Glaspie was hired by the Bashara team to investigate witnesses. He said six police agencies spent 19 months putting together the Bashara case. And he only had nine weeks to prepare for trial.

FOX 2 caught up with Hank Glaspie, a former FBI investigator for the Bashara team after the hearing.

FOX 2: "So you are saying you didn't have enough time to prepare compared to the prosecution?"

"We as investigators would have liked more time to review the discovery material and confer with the attorneys," Glaspie said.

Bashara's team now must prove that his lawyers were below a reasonable standard and prove that he would have gotten a different result of not guilty - which is considered a longshot.