Breaking down Hillary Clinton's poll numbers

To know her is to not necessarily to like her.

Based on the latest polling data from EPIC-MRA, Hillary Clinton is not exactly scoring high on the warm and fuzzy favorability scale. But then what else is new for the repeat Democratic candidate for president who has 52 percent of the electorate awarding her low favorable marks while 40 percent have a positive opinion.

The popular wisdom suggests the potential first female president is, however, knocking them dead with female voters, but on the positive image chart it is closer then the popular wisdom would suggest. Forty-six percent like her and 45 percent of the women don't.

However, Ms. Clinton does well with Democratic women, 76 percent of whom like her, and there is no gender problem as 72 percent of Democratic men are in her corner. Independent women are with her 48 percent-41 percent but not so with men where the gender gap is apparent. Twenty-seven percent of independent male voters are O.K. but 68 percent are not.

Women over the age of 50 like her but all other women under 50 have a negative view.

Persons who go to church don't much care for her but those who don't do but she follows in her hubby's footsteps picking up 70 percent of the African-American likability vote.

Pro-choice voters are in her corner. She also attracts 62 percent of those who oppose the TEA Party and her support among labor union members is 48 percent-43 percent.

And as you might expect she is gang-busters with liberals as 73 percent like her compared to opponent Bernie call-me-a-socialist Sanders at 62 percent.

Finally based on geography you would expect her to top the charts in Southeast Michigan but turns out she does not crack 50 percent favorability in any region of the state. The best she can do is 43 percent in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb.