Bull, sheep, and goat stolen from Detroit farm: 'Just what the heck'

A bull, a sheep, and a goat were stolen off the property of an urban farm on Detroit's east side on Thursday.

"What do you with a little bull?" asked Aaron Hale with Pingree Farms. "What the heck – just what the heck."

Pingree Farms, situated right off I-75, near Seven Mile, was targeted by suspects in black SUVs around 3 a.m., as seen on security cameras. One of the vehicles had a trailer hitched that appeared to be for lawn equipment, not animals.

"They worked their way over to the cows and they were opening the pens and just letting everything out and they grabbed three (animals) on their way," Hale said. "I could see him walking them across the street, into the vehicles."

The rest of the bulls have been acting odd ever since the bull, appropriately named "Little Bully," was abducted, Hale added. "It looked like they were tampering with the gate."

Little Bully (Pingree Farms)

The suspects got through the gate, opened pens, and caused chaos – scaring the farm animals.

Little Bully was put on the back of the trailer, according to footage optained by FOX 2. "Angel" the sheep, and one of the goats were put in the back of one of the SUVs.

Hale said the sad part is, Pingree Farms does a lot of good for the neighborhood – such as exposing farm life to the inner city. However, the farmers are not giving up hope just yet. 

"We're going to find these people," Hale said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detroit police right away.