Bystander says police tased him after Stony Creek shooting incident

Police say a parking lot fight at Stony Creek Metro Park led to a single shot being fired and three people arrested.

Three suspects from Dearborn were arrested and a gun and shell casing was recovered. But now we are learning about what took place in the chaos after.

A crowded day at the beach transformed into an all-out shooting scene. Thankfully, police say no one was shot - but a couple people FOX 2 spoke with, say they got caught up in the aftermath.

"I heard one shot, that's it," said Pierce Eschtruth. "I heard it was popped in the air, no one was injured or anything like that - but is scared all of us."

"I heard a gunshot and the police officer came two seconds from running me over," said Tony Lulejurha.

What happened next was caught on cell phone video.

"I’m backing up, hands up, everything," said Eschtruth. "I just get tased, fall on the floor. And then the kid started to run and he got tased right in front of me."

Eschtruth says as he was watching this, he quickly became a part of it.

"Then I got maced out of nowhere," he said. "I fell to the ground, lost my phone and hat."

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The man who was tased says he was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police car, leaving with a ticket.

"Encroach on  shots fired scene, inciting a riot," Lulejurha said reading the ticket.

Police say it is too soon in the investigation to speak about the use of a Taser and mace. But the chief of Metroparks police said they were working to secure the scene with limited information at the time.