Canadian man swims across St. Clair River to steal gun from Macomb County pawn shop

After he illegally entered the United States, a Canadian man went to a Macomb County pawn shop and stole a gun, according to an affidavit.

Jeremy James Wallace is accused of going into Metro Pawn & Guns in New Haven and asking to see a Sig Sauer P322, .22 caliber handgun on Sept. 6. He then asked to see another gun. While the employee was grabbing the other firearm, authorities say Wallace grabbed the Sig Sauer and two empty magazines and fled.

Deputies responded and saw Wallace running behind the store. They followed him into a wooded area, where he was arrested.

According to the court filing, Wallace had the Sig Sauer and two magazines. One was loaded. Store employees told authorities that they didn't give Wallace the ammo.

During an interview with authorities, Wallace allegedly admitted that he was in the U.S. illegally and swam across the St. Clair River from Sombra, Ontario to get into the country. 

According to the affidavit, he came across the river around midnight Sept. 6 in a wetsuit, flotation devices, and swimming fins. He had the ammo, a crossbow pistol, and a hammer in case he needed to break into the shop.

He told authorities that he planned to swim back to Canada with the gun, according to the court filing. 

Wallace allegedly planned out the theft because he wasn't able to get a gun in Canada after his gun was taken away from him following a firearms offense. However, authorities who took the weapon left behind ammunition, which he had when he was caught. 

He is charged with improper entry by an alien, alien in possession of a firearm and ammunition, and possession of a stolen firearm.