Canadian police say inert grenades caused shutdown of Ambassador Bridge, no charges filed

Police in Windsor said a driver carrying multiple inert grenades at the Ambassador Bridge will not be charged after the investigation determined that the driver intended no harm.

According to Windsor Police, the Ambassador Bridge was closed for several hours on Monday after a car was referred for secondary inspection and two grenades were found inside the vehicle. The grenades were reported submerged in an unknown white powdery substance.

The area was immediately evacuated and roads and sidewalks were closed as police investigated.

The Explosive Disposal Unit (EDU) arrived and used a robot for the investigation. A sample of the powder was taken for testing and it was determined they did not contain energetic properties and were not hazardous.

Another member of the EDU team secured the grenades and, upon inspection, it was determined that they were inert. 

The United States man, who was not charged and will not be named, was returned to the U.S. and turned over to the custody of U.S Customs and Border Protection.

Traffic from the U.S. to Canada was shut down for approximately 7 hours as police investigated the grenades and the substance.