Canterbury Village holds 'Egg-Stravaganza' for families during Easter Holiday

Families from all over the metro Detroit area made their way to Canterbury Village in Lake Orion on Saturday for a special Easter celebration. 

Kids collected 85,000 eggs that dropped from a helicopter to start the celebration. 

They also had the chance to play with the Easter bunny and fed many different animals at a petting zoo. 

Families say they were excited to be out and have some fun. 

Canterbury Village owner Keith Aldridge says his 21-acre campus gave visitors a lot of room to spread out and that they did take precautions to keep visitors safe. 

"There are slotted times on every half hour, and we limited how many kids can come at each slotted time, and you had to register early, " says Aldridge.

After Easter activities were canceled last year due to COVID, families say it was great to celebrate. 

Grandmother Angie Wilson says, "Them getting out being around kids finally they've been so cooped up in the house that they are not around the kids or learning and dealing with other people."

Families were asked to bring donations of can goods to try and collect 15,000 cans.