Canton Township tobacco and marijuana smoking ban now in effect

Canton Township's smoking ban ordinance that prohibits all forms of smoking in public parks is now in effect. 

Taking place Jan. 1, 2020, all parks within the township, except two golf club courses will outlaw the practice. The parks included in the ordinance are Barchester Park, Freedom Park, Flodin Park, Griffin Park, Heritage Park, Independence Park, Kopper Park, Patriot Park, Preservation Park, Victory Park, as well as the Canton Dog Park. 

Under the ordinance, the smoking ban means the use of tobacco, marijuana, vapor products, and any nicotine alternatives. 

The Canton Leisure Services Director explained that the Pheasant Run Club Golf and the Fellows Creek Golf Club were exempt from the ordinance because of their low impact on residents.

"It is common practice for golf courses to allow smoking on the links due to the large, open natural spaces and its low impact to other golfers on the course," said Greg Hohenberger. "The intent of the smoking ban on Canton Leisure Services facilities and parks is to create a healthy environment for public gatherings and to ensure that visitors to our parks and facilities have a more enjoyable experience."

The Pheasant Fun Club Golf is located at 46500 Summit Parkway; the Fellows Creek Golf Club at 2936 Lotz Rd.

Learn more about the ordinance here.