Car stolen and crashed in wild chase, replaced by donors

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When three guys took off in her car, they took it for a wild ride. They ran from the cops, hit speeds well over the posted speed limit, and then ended by t-boning a Coca-Cola truck. But this story has a happy ending for the Henry Ford College student.

The 21-year-old nursing student, Margaret Heit, had her car stolen a week before she saw it get totaled on camera thanks to SkyFOX. Her first thought was exactly as you would imagine.

"My boyfriend sent me the link and said I think this is your car, and I watched it and said yes this is my car," Heit said. "I was like oh man what I'm gonna do now," Heit said.

The three guys were arrested but her old red Jeep Cherokee was totaled, putting her in a bind. As most every college student knows, cash is tight during school and, with no room in the budget, she didn't know what she would do.

Then came the big surprise. The Henry Ford College Foundation teamed with LaFontaine Automotive Group and several other community partners, to get her a new vehicle, free of charge.

"We care about all our students and we certainly are able to demonstrate it here," HFCC president Dr. Stan Jensen said.

She selected a 2008 Dodge Caliber worth $10,000 - and it drives like new.

"I was so blown away. It was like a miracle. It was so thankful and I could not be any more happier," Heit said. I'm so motivated to become a better person and focus on the future."