Carjacking suspect rams Detroit police car, crashes into tree while fleeing

A carjacking suspect in Detroit is still missing after he rammed police officers in a stolen SUV before bailing from the vehicle and fleeing Sunday.

Detroit police confirmed the suspect intentionally drove toward a police car that had attempted to box the driver in after he parked at a gas station.

While fleeing, he crashed into a police scout car and causing heavy damage to the front of the vehicle. 

The scene unfolded at a Citgo gas station near Eight Mile and Southfield late Sunday evening.

Screengrab from video of Detroit police cruiser struck by suspect vehicle. 

Detroit police said surveillance officers had been following a GMC Yukon earlier in the day after reports it had been carjacked at gunpoint. They eventually called for uniformed officers to stop the car. 

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When it parked at the gas station to drop someone off, officers moved in an attempt to box it in. The suspect then drove toward police, prompting officers to fire at the individual. 

The driver continued down a block of Faust before crashing into a tree. The suspect then bailed and ran.