Family pleads for justice for son fatally shot while pumping gas in Detroit

The last thing Dymaris Jones was doing when he was gunned down is fill up his car at a gas station in April. 

The 27-year-old had been at a location on Seven Mile when a black Dodge Charger pulled up next to him and a suspect wielding an assault rifle got out and fired several shots. Jones would die from his injuries.

"Dymaris was my only child, my baby, I miss him so much. I hate the fact this has happened to our son," said Vera Jones, his mother. "I hate the fact that this has happened to all the other mother’s out here."

Family of Dymaris gathered Sunday to make a plea to the public: Bring our son's killer to justice. 

"If you know something, say something. Don’t let it be a secret this has gone on far too long and too much where people just killing each other over nothing," said Steven Jones, his father.

Jones had big aspirations when he was killed. 

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Already a world champion in the video gaming world, he had hopes of pursuing it more. 

Crime Stoppers flyer. 

Surveillance footage of the evening caught a black Charger in the area of 5844 East Seven Mile on April 13. The suspect car had one black front passenger side rim while the others were silver alloyed. 

The suspect is described by Crime Stoppers as a Black man with light complexion who was approximately six feet tall. He was wearing a black ski mask and hoodie when he was caught on a greenlight camera. 

"We just want justice for Dymaris and if it was you, you'd want to speak up too, so speak up for us just as well as we would speak up for you," said Micah Stewart.