Cause of Lyon Township plane crash still being investigated

Law enforcement from both federal and county levels is still investigating a plane crash in a rural Michigan township where the cause of the crash has yet to be determined.

On Saturday, a small aircraft carrying a well-known homebuilder and his family crashed into a home in Lyon Township, killing everyone on board.

David Compo, a previous president of the Southeastern Michigan Home Builders Association was memorialized on Sunday. He, his wife Michelle and his son Dawson were well-remembered throughout the community.

 "His graduating class of 2020, so much had been taken away from them and now within a short span of time, one of our brothers has been taken away from us and we never got to say goodbye," said Patrick Fulton, principal of Detroit Catholic Central High School talking about Dawson. "I just feel blessed for the time we had with him and enriched. Again, I wish we had more time, but now I know we have a powerful advocate for us before our heavenly father."

David was known for his big heart who operated within the construction industry for decades. His wife and son were also beloved.

The family was on their way back from Georgia when they crashed. The home builders association said David was an experienced pilot and they were scheduled to land at the Oakland Southwest Airport on Saturday.

When the plane crashed, a family inside ran away. Shortly after the impact, extra fuel in the plane's gas tank ignited, causing a secondary explosion.

The FAA will have a preliminary report published within the next two weeks.