Cell Phone video shows violent encounter between police and protesters on Saturday

A violent clash between protestors and Detroit Police on Woodward late Saturday night was all captured on cell phone video. 

The video shows police officers in riot gear pushing and hitting protestors, and even throwing them to the ground. 

 "My eye was cut open with a punch to the face, I don't understand why I was attacked so viciously," said protestor Peter Tanaka. 

Kevin Kwart was an innocent bystander who was trying to help protestors take shelter in the lobby of his apartment building.

"Took me to the ground," Kwart said. "It was 4 or 5 or them on me, kept getting punched in the face repeatedly."

Shortly after Saturday, another protest on Sunday was captured on video. It was organized by "Detroit Will Breathe". Protestors called for an end to operation legend, a Trump Administration initiative that will bring federal agents to Detroit to help fight crime. 
In regard to the violence, Detroit Police point out that protestors stood in the middle of Woodward, blocked traffic and refused to leave. 

 "We do that because that's the only way that our voices get heard," said Tristan Taylor with Detroit Will Breathe.