Charity hockey game raises money for Warren officer hit by car

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A Warren officer was just doing his job when everything change. Ken Hubert was left with serious injuries when he was struck in 2015. 

Saturday a charity hockey game was held in Fraser to help him on his road to recovery. 

"It shows 4 years later you're still thought about you're never forgot about, there’s times when you think you are because life gets in the way but you're still always a part of that family and it shows," Hubert said. 

The Warren Police Department and Sterling Heights Police battled for bragging rights but also for one of their own. A former Warren Police officer in his own fight to keep getting better after an accident that would change his life forever. 

Moments after a truck hit him in June of 2015, while he was just doing his job, directing traffic. 

“I don’t remember exactly what happened at that point, the next thing I remember is becoming conscience and lying on the ground and looking around and noticing everything is fuzy and being in a lot of pain,” he said. 

The pain wouldn’t go away, he’s walked the long road to recovery, a road he’s still on, but a road he’s clearly not walking alone in. 

"It gets tougher every day and you have to have the support and be a part of the family, that’s what it’s all about so when Ken was injured he’s got the full support of every law enforcement agency in this country it's not about just warren or Sterling Heights it’s about being united throughout law enforcement being a family," Bill Dwyer said. 

Just knowing someone is there for you and won’t leave you behind.

"It's so hard to explain because so many feelings, I want to cry but you can't, over joy, and this guilt shouldn't be for me, it should be for other people who have it much worse. It just shows you're not forgotten," Hubert said. 

Warren got the win after the game the score 60-5. Police are not sure how much was raised but it was upward of 10k.