Chat with the Chief: Craig talks Davontae Sanford, new deputy mayor role

Detroit's newly minted deputy mayor and top cop stopped by FOX 2 Saturday.

Police Chief James Craig talks about being the newly appointed deputy mayor and about the Davontae Sanford case.

Sanford, now 23 years old, was released from prison after the prosecutor's office revealed he was wrongly imprisoned for nearly nine years for a quadruple homicide. Hit man Vincent Smothers confessed to those murders and after a long legal battle, Sanford was released earlier this week.

Also this week Craig was named deputy mayor in addition to his duties, following the retirement of Ike McKinnon by Mayor Mike Duggan.

Above all Craig said, he is still the chief, first and foremost.

"I appreciate the confidence the mayor has had that I will fulfill that role only if the mayor is on vacation or incapacitated," Craig said. "I am not making any more money, but I am humbled, I am honored."

Craig, who was hired years after the case in 2013, also said he was concerned about the Sanford case.

"I have concerns about what we did," he said. "And I have an obligation to take a close look."

Former deputy chief James Tolbert is being investigated for perjury in the case.

"We need to take a broad and transparent look," Craig said. "In a homicide situation, police officers don't charge, prosecutors (do). We need to take a closer look at the assigned prosecutor what role if any, did they play.

"Here's what we know - there was some type of admission by an individual that that corroborates with some evidence that is out there, I don't know. I have not gotten the report yet. I am concerned."

Craig said he is going to look at what the department could have done.

To see what else Craig said about the case, click the video to watch it all.