Checking out Ocean Prime's 'crown jewel' Chilean sea bass

If you're looking for some luxury seafood in metro Detroit, take a dive into Ocean Prime. 

Open for more than a decade, the restaurant prides itself on both its menu and service. 

"All of our dishes are composed to be light and fresh. They're all more or less small garnishes that come with the protein that it comes with, whether it be fish or beef. Most of them are done very lightly. A bit of butter, a little bit of oil, but then we add a lot of cream in our sauces. That's where you're going to get your heavy flavors from. We take what can be a very, very healthy dish and add a little bit of a spin to it," explains chef Chris Meyer. 

Josh Landon visited Ocean Prime to check out everything from their stand-out sides like lobster mac and cheese, to their elegant entrees like Chilean sea bass. They call it the crown jewel of their menu. 
"The fish itself is very buttery, flaky. It's one of the most elegant selections of seafood. Herb whipped potatoes, snap peas and carrots for texture and finished with a champagne truffle sauce with truffles, little black truffle slices and finished with aromatic truffle oil. That is a key ingredient in a hand full of our items," general manager Kip Donlon tells us. 

Ocean Prime is located on Coolidge Highway right across from Somerset Collection in Troy. It's open seven days a week.