Chief Craig asks 'where's the prosecutor at in all of this?' amid rising crime, protest criticism

Detroit police chief James Craig has faced criticism for the department's response to protests, but the top cop isn't backing down. 

He spoke Friday virtually at the Michigan Chapter of FBI National Academy happening on Mackinac Island about those protests, cracking down on crime - and the role the prosecutor's office plays in the process. 

He'll be the first to say when crime in the city goes up, many blame the police department. "But it's not just us. Where is the prosecutor at in all of this?" he said.

The chief's remarks by Zoom Friday were to about 100 police officers at the conference.

"You know I'm not afraid to take on the prosecutors office," he said.

The comments were made in reference to a spike in crime and violent protests after the death of George Floyd and the absence of, according to the chief, a united front of law-enforcement leadership.  

"We should be standing hip-to-hip. It doesn't mean we're going to agree on everything. I think one of the issues that she so becomes so troubled with me, and recently, as you know, there was an article written, when I say that this is not just as police department," he said. 

And the Chief has support.

"For us to be on the same page and serve our communities, to serve our constituents ... I'm not saying she's not doing that, I'm just noticed that there's obviously some friction between Kym Worthy's office and the Detroit Police Department," said Livonia Police Chief Curtis Caid. When asked if his department has friction with the prosecutor's office, he said it does not. 

FOX 2 reached out to Kym Worthy who gave this statement: 

"Prosecutors should not stand "hip to hip" with police. We have differing roles within the criminal justice system. We certainly can work collaboratively on many issues, but when it comes to our charging and other legal decisions, we must absolutely exercise our independent judgment. We are not their rubber stamps and never should be."

"But a partnership and dialogue is very, very important," Chief Caid said.

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