Chief Craig: 'Zero tolerance' after Greektown attack

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It is the viral video that shocked everyone this week - three men brutally beaten in the middle of a busy intersection in Greektown.

Instead of calling for help-- bystanders recorded the violence with their cell phones. A third suspect is now charged -- and police are still looking for four more.

Eddie Curry arraigned in court on Thursday facing unarmed robbery and assault charges. Curry is accused of taking part in the beating of 23 year old Brandon Putman in the Greektown brawl.

Curry along with the two guys who were arraigned on Wednesday all got the same ruling, with bond set at $5 million. If they somehow got out of jail on bond, they are ordered to have no contact with any witnesses, and not allowed in the City of Detroit unless for medical or legal reasons.

All of the accused are from Inkster. Also, Chief James Craig said another suspect turned himself in Thursday morning bringing the number to four people in custody.

"He indicated, he knew he was wanted, he was trying to get out of town," Craig said. "I'm not just talking about of this City of Inkster of Detroit. He was trying to get out of the state. It's too late.

"As you can see its back to business in Greektown, but if you're caught breaking the law in any kind of way, you will likely run into zero tolerance."

Craig says there are normally increased patrols when it gets warmer, and this incident is out of the norm for Greektown. At the same time, police will have been looking to crack down on smaller offenses going forward.

"Let's say for example, you want to drive in a reckless manner, you want to park illegally, we'll take your car," Craig said. "It's just that simple. So you're going to conduct yourself the way we expect, the way Detroiters want, we're not going to have it."

"What we saw last Saturday was inhumane, I don't think human beings can do that," said Arthur Kesto, a Greektown business owner.

Police and Business Owners in Greektown seem to agree that you have to set the tone to prevent this kind of mayhem on the streets.

"If we get a little bit more tougher system that would come down a lot" Kesto said.

"If we were do nothing and sit back, guess what happens, somebody else feels like, well maybe I can go down and engage in this foolish violent behavior, not here," Craig said.