Child puts another child in dryer and turns it on in Garden City daycare, license suspended

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has suspended the daycare license of a Garden City daycare after a child in the home put another child in a clothes dryer and turned it on. 

According to LARA, the license of an in-home daycare was revoked earlier this month after the incident that happened this summer involving a child that the woman was caring for.

In documents obtained by FOX 2, the daycare was issued a license in August of 2019 for an in-home daycare with a capacity of six. According to the documents, the woman brought a minor who lives in the house to the hospital in August and stated that she was stressed because that child put another child in the dryer and turned it on.

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A nurse and social worker spoke to the child who confirmed they turned the dryer on. 

In September, the child who was put in the dryer told her mother that she had been put in the dryer and described it as "hot, and it was dark and hurt my back." She said that the woman who runs the daycare got the child out of the dryer.

Authorities said that she failed to provide appropriate care and supervision and did not inform the child's mother of what happened. 

Additionally, authorities said that the minor child who put the other child in the dryer had been admitted to and treated for mental health in January of this year. The woman who runs the daycare was to have notified LARA of this within three business days.

She also didn't alert LARA within three business days after a household member was admitted to and released from a hospital after receiving mental health treatment.

The investigation was concluded on Nov. 2 and found the woman had been violating at least three of the Child Care Organizations Act and administrative rules:

  • Lack of appropriate care and supervision
  • Household member’s suitability and conduciveness to the welfare of children
  • Failure to provide truthful and accurate information to the Department during an investigation

The woman must inform all parents of her suspended license and that she can no longer provide care for their children.

FOX 2 is not naming the license-holder due to the mental health treatment received by the minor in the household.