Church sign making fun of dyslexia, atheists has many offended

A local woman is chastising a church, claiming the sign doesn't reflect a message of love.

She believes it makes fun of people with disabilities and she has others that agree.

"On my way to work and I saw it and I couldn't believe it," said Latoya Bond.

As a school administrator and an advocate for people with disabilities, Latoya Bond says she couldn't believe her eyes. A sign posted on Christ Gospel Pentecostal Church in St. Clair Shores which reads: "This message is for dyslexic atheists: there is a dog!"

"I was offended by it," she said. "People who have dyslexia, they have a disability. It's very insensitive to put something like this in the public eye."

Although atheist is spelled wrong, perhaps to invoke humor, the message is targeting people who may not believe in God, letting them know there is one if they read dog backwards, which people who suffer from dyslexia often do.

Bond, who didn't think it was funny at all, immediately called the Christ Gospel Church and asked about the sign.

"She told me Moses in the bible had a disability," Bond said. "He had a speech impediment. The purpose is to display that God can use all people no matter what their disability is."

Bond didn't buy it and neither did several other people who shared their disgust after she posted the picture on her Facebook page.

"I am not against Christianity at all," she said. "I believe in God. I believe if people want to be atheists that's fine. I'm not offended by atheists, I'm offended by the word dyslexia."

Bond claims she asked the people at the church to take it down and they refused, saying it is not offensive, it is the message they are giving out.

"I've worked with children who have disabilities for over half my life," she said. "And if you could work with them one on one and see what they go through, you would understand why I am so outraged."

FOX 2 did leave a message with the church but it was after business hours. We are still hoping to hear back.