CIA high tech spying; Obamacare 2.0?

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Part 1: CIA high tech spying

The FBI is on a mole hunt looking for the person who gave Wikileaks thousands of documents revealing the agency's top secret cyber-hacking tools.

Meanwhile Wikileaks says they plan to work with technology firms to help defend them against hacking by the CIA. On Tuesday Wikileaks revealed that the CIA can access devices like cell phones smart TVs and even internet connected cars to spy on people around the world.

So was this an angry  CIA employee or yet another hack by the Russians?

On the panel:

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero

Bill Kowalski, former FBI agent

Bobby McKenzie, former CIA, current State Department advisor

Andrew "Rocky" Raczkowski, former state rep, Michigan House

Part 2: Obamacare 2.0?

The new plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Health Care Act or 'Obamacare' cleared a big hurdle in Congress Thursday.

But it still has its critics from both parties. Democrats say it will leave millions uninsured but some Republicans say it doesn't go far enough.

On the panel:

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero

Michael Embry, president of Comprehensive Benefits Inc.

Dr. Gerald Shiener, psychiatrist

Jamie Roe, consultant, Grand River Strategies.

Part 3 On the Road

Charlie Langton asks metro Detroit if Obama Care should be replaced - and if Republicans are on the right track or spinning their wheels.