City's new fire hydrant creates woman's front lawn 'nightmare'

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The city of Detroit installs a new fire hydrant but one woman says it came at the expense of her lawn.

Resident Betty Joiner says her water sprinklers are damaged and says she shouldn't have come outside and look at the mess left behind.

When workers installed the new hydrant, she says something went wrong and broke her sprinkler system.

In the meantime she's left with a dustbowl in her front yard.

In a statement, Palencia Mobley from the Detroit Water and Sewer Department said:

"We are committed to customer satisfaction and in reassuring our customers that work performed by DWSD will be properly managed, We regret any inconvenience this incident may have caused Ms. Joiner. DWSD will have the matter resolved in the next two weeks."

Joiner wants results, she said.

"Fix my line and my sprinkler system," she said. "Make me whole."