Classic car theft foiled during Dream Cruise

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The Woodward Dream Cruise attracted more than just classic car fans this year - as a rash of car thefts soured the event.

In one incident, car thieves saw an opportunity and were acting on it - but Little Daddy's manager Mike Meduvsky unwittingly foiled the crime.

"As they said, I kind of saved the day," Meduvsky said. "They had the ignition popped and everything ready to go."

It happened Saturday as customers arrived in style with classic cars, many of whom always come to Little Daddy's on Woodward near Long Lake during the cruise.
Seconds after the owner walks in, a white van pulls into view. On video, the thieves pick their car of choice, a black classic car and hopped the curb to get into position.

The van goes straight across the lawn and saddled up next to the car. It is at this time when the manager decides to take a much-needed break.

"I just came out to get some fresh air, walked to the back and noticed a van sitting there and a classic sitting next to it," Madowski said.

Just his presence was enough to foul up the theft, police said.

"I didn't think anything of it," he said. "I came back into work. Then a group of guys that have been coming every year, told me that someone had broken into their car."
The two would-be thieves got back in a van and drive away. Madowski is convinced the thieves would have likely gotten away with yet another stolen vehicle.

A rash of classic car thefts happened last weekend. A theft at Little Daddy’s would have added to a tally that includes a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle, and Papa John's replica Camaro Z28 - both of which have since been recovered.

Meanwhile police continue the search for a 1966 candy apple red Corvette, all stolen during the weekend's festivities.

"People work hard for their stuff," Madowski said. "Especially the classic cars. It just stinks that people come out ruin their good time."

If you think you recognize the van seen in the video, call Bloomfield Hills police at (248) 644-4200.