Clawson Cares Snowflake Project: Volunteers hit the streets with shovels to help others

When a Clawson Cares volunteer passes by a home with a blue snowflake in the yard, they know what to do.

The snowflakes made and donated by Pop Up Art Studio show that a resident needs help shoveling their snow.

"Elderly, somebody maybe that’s under the weather – Covid's going around, some flu symptoms are going around. If you can’t get out, if you are unable to get out and shovel your sidewalk yourself then these are going to provide just basically a signal that you need help," said Shannon Bayliss, with the art studio. "If they see one of these it means that that neighbor needs help. One of the volunteers will around and shovel."

The volunteers remove the snow for free.

"Not only do you get to meet your neighbors, like I bet a bunch that I didn't know on my street, and now we’re chatty Kathys, but they love it. Obviously they're just taken back of the kidness of the community," said volunteer Sean Nasrey.

To volunteer or request assistance, email