Clinton Township names first woman police chief

Dina Caringi is making history as the first woman to serve as Police Chief for the Clinton Township Police Department.

"I’m thrilled to take the oath of office just about a mile down from my high school," said Dina Caringi.

"She went to school here, her family is all here, this is a perfect fit for Clinton Township," said Robert Cannon, Clinton Township supervisor.

During Thursday’s ceremony, Chief Caringi acknowledged those who came out to support her.

"My mom, my dad, my sisters, my niece, my nephew, my former colleagues, my Detroit Police Department family is in the house t congratulate me."

There was also a show of gratitude for those who helped her reach this milestone

"And without all of your guidance I would not be here," she said. "All of you in this room have inspired me and kept me going through many highs and lows over the course of my 26-year career."

A career that includes work in an undercover drug unit and a crisis negotiation unit… plus promotions to unit commander and captain

"I am truly humbled by this opportunity and will not take the responsibility lately," said Caringi.

There was also an acknowledgment of former police chief Fred Posavetz who died from complications related to COVID-19 earlier this year - after serving the Clinton Township Police Department for 41-years

"Today is a new day a new era and I know Fred is smiling down on us," said Cannon. 

"It’s been a difficult year losing Fred and just moving forward as a group," she said. "Everyone has come together."

Chief Dina Caringi.

Chief Dina Caringi.