Clinton Township woman tied up, robbed of $17K ring

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The Nest cam at Tia McClain's Clinton Township home captures moments she'll always treasure - but it's also recorded an incident she'll never forget.

Like in December 2017 when she said yes to a $17,000 ring - and then again on April 2, 2019 when the ring was allegedly stolen from her. 

Tia says it started when Shane Fountain, her roommate of an over a year, lured her to the garage. 

"He told me, 'I think I lost my wallet and I think it might be in your garage,'" McClain said. Once inside, Tia says he wasn’t looking for his wallet. 

"I get to here - and he just bear hugs me," McClain reenacts. She says she was dragged away from the door. 

"And he goes, 'Tia, I need you to calm down. There are some bad people after me and I'm going to need you to go to sleep now,'" she said. "He kept squeezing, and squeezing and squeezing."

As he adjusted his grip he kept talking. 

"And I quote: 'I know what I'm doing. I've done this before,'" McClain said she was told.

She pretended to pass out and says he took the ring, leaving her tied up in the garage. 
The Nest cam shows Shane reenter the house. Now Tia's son is at the table. Tia says by then she was screaming for help from the garage. 

"My son heard something," McCain said. "He had to have heard something, to ask him, 'Does my mommy not want you?'", which can be heard on the Nest cam recording. 

After he asked, Fountain is heard responding, "Just eat your cereal dude."

Fountain is seen on the phone, presumably calling for an Uber. He then grabbed a packed suitcase and left.

Meanwhile in the garage, Tia says the duct tape was on her hands and feet but she was able to squirm her way over to a shovel laying on its side and use the metal end to free herself from those bindings and ran into the house.

Just two minutes after Fountain left the house, 911 was called. Fountain is now considered by police in Clinton Township a person of interest in the theft of a ring and unlawful imprisonment.  

"I'm not going to sit in here and be a victim," McClain said.

According to Tia the stolen ring has been found and was recovered at a pawn shop in Detroit. She claims the thief got 3k for the ring and says a warrant has been issued for his arrest on three felonies