Community activist group Detroit 300 talks impact of domestic shootings

A 19-year-old man was shot and killed inside a Detroit home after what started as a domestic situation between a couple Tuesday night.

The whole thing, close to home for Eic Ford, president of Detroit 300, an anti-violence group. He spoke to FOX 2 near the scene of the tragedy.

"This hit my heart when I heard about this," he said. "My mother was murdered when I was 17 and she was murdered by my father."

In this case – off Outer Drive near I-94 Tuesday afternoon, sources say a male and female were fighting. She called friends and family – who came to the home, resulting in a shootout between three guys.

The teen died and two others were wounded.

"What people don't understand it affects the whole family. Now this family is hurt, that family is hurt, and it lasts forever," Ford said. "It happened when I was 17 and I remember it like yesterday."

The other two that were shot – a 22-year-old and a 27-year-old listed in the hospital as temporary serious condition. They are expected to be okay. Detroit police are already seeking charges against them.

Detroit 300 is positioned in the neighborhoods to help curb violence, and stop situations just like this one from escalating.

"If you have a chance to walk away from the situation, walk away, think about it, calm down and think about if its really worth what you're about to go back and do," said Arthur Edge, Detroit 300.

They are telling young people especially – you don’t get a second chance after pulling the trigger.

Detroit police tell FOX 2 that everyone involved in the triple shooting has been identified.