Community activist to hold prayer rally around freeway shootings this year

Community activist and Pastor Maurice Hardwick says he is concerned over the number of freeway shootings that have happened just this year and is planning a prayer rally for Tuesday, March 2nd

According to Michigan State Police, there have been at least 7 shootings this year and dozens last year.

A shooting days ago off of I96 and Schafer left two men dead, and Hardwick says problems cannot be solved like this.

"It is too violent, it is too much anger, too much tension, and it’s unsafe, and I want people to know you can no longer settle your disputes on the freeway, "says Hardwick.

Authorities say they believe road rage is a major cause of these shootings, and Hardwick believes the struggles that have come from the pandemic are a part of the problem.

Hardwick says, "People have been in their house, people have lost their jobs, they’ve lost their businesses, they have lost their freedom churches are closed down."

Hardwick says he believes the city needs prayer and is calling on other clergy members to participate in Tuesday's rally.  

The rally will start at 2pm, and participants will meet in the Macedonia Baptist Church's parking lot located at 14221 Southfield Fwy, Detroit, MI 48223.