Concrete flies off truck hitting woman's windshield on I-696

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A 50-pound block of concrete smashes through a woman's windshield on I-696. 

The young woman reacting quickly as the boulder flies at her. Absolutely the concrete block crashed down so hard it bent the steering wheel.
Adrian Forozan's fingers were crushed - but her father feeling grateful tonight she is still alive.

"I was very scared, for the first time in my life, very scared," said Max Forozan, her father.

His heart dropped Wednesday afternoon when his daughter called from the side of the expressway saying her car's windshield had been struck by a gigantic boulder.

He showed a picture of the 50-pound block of concrete that came crashing through Adrian Forozan's windshield on I-696 as she drove past the Coolidge overpass.

"They said a truck was passing by in the third lane," Max said. "She was in the fast lane. All she saw was a stone coming off the truck and through the windshield. If it wasn't for the steering wheel she wouldn't be here today."

The 24-year-old told her dad she saw the concrete coming toward her - she gripped steering wheel and put her head down, bracing for the hit. The boulder came through and smashed her hand - breaking two of her fingers.

"She saw it coming off of a truck," Max said. "It was a truck carrying construction debris and it was not tied down the right way. Police said this happens more than you can imagine. 

"It could have been a catastrophe. Thank God we only had minor injuries

Adrian has been released from the hospital and is home recovering tonight. The truck never stopped - likely not realizing what happened. 

Two men picking up construction cones at the time saw what happened and rushed to help Adrian. We are told they called 911 and wrapped her bloody hands until emergency crews and her father arrived.

Police are not able to identify the truck because MDOT cameras weren't working.

Mr. Forozan is grateful his daughter wasn't killed by the flying concrete - but he wants to find the driver of the truck to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

"Why are they not doing the proper precaution," he said. "Why aren't you tying that load down, there is nothing wrong with that. You could have killed somebody's child by not doing the right job."

If anyone else saw what happened and may be able to identify that truck - call Michigan State Police.