Coney Dog Pizza leads off Comerica Park's new food lineup this year

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Get ready to taste championship level food at Comerica Park this summer. The team is announcing several new food items on the menu for this season.

Among them, chicken shawarma nachos, deep fried Snickers bars, and perhaps their best idea yet -- a Coney Dog Pizza from Little Caesars.

Executive Chef Mark Szubeczak said all your old favorites are still there along with the new items.

"We still have the Ball Park Franks, we still have all the staples," he said. "We keep trying to come back with something exciting. The deviled eggs went away, the pork rinds went away, and a lot of things go away. We have fun bringing new things in and coming up with different things."

If you're trying to avoid packing on the pounds, there are also items like fresh fruit, yogurt, and gluten free options to enjoy.