Contracted to renovate Spirit of Detroit plaza, workers hustling to finish by September

There's a whole bunch of mess surrounding the Spirit of Detroit. 

Cement is scraped up, grass is ripped out - but it's all going toward an even brighter plaza.

The Premier Group Associates were contracted by the city to renovate the Spirit of Detroit for $800,000. Progress has been steady, but now workers are hustling to finish things up before the end of the month.

"We're taking on this island today, we're gonna build a nice little frame for the Spirit of Detroit," said Robert Williams, one of the workers. "We're doing it one step-by-step, and we're gonna take out this layer here and grow the grass back. It's gonna look real nice for the Spirit of Detroit park."

But what comes with that hefty price tag? The plaza is getting a stage, a place for kids to play, new seating and room for food trucks.

Workers helping prep those renovations couldn't be happier helping their city.

"I love it man. I love my city, love Detroit. Can't say nothing more or less, I love Detroit," said Mike, a worker on the crew.

Meant to improve the walkability and visibility of the area, new tables, chairs, changing stations and drinking fountains are also being installed in the plaza.

While the area will be open during construction, paperwork notes the plaza will be open as crew finish up. 

"We just trying to stay focused and keep Detroit looking good and keep our work looking nice," said Williams.