Coop Fusion at Black History Month dinner Feb. 25

Two Black chefs in Detroit will be celebrating Black History Month with a special dinner at Frame in Hazel Park. 

The dinner with Chef Max Hardy from Coop Fusion and Chef Taz from Soul Food Bistro is Feb. 25 with two seatings. Tickets are still available for the second seating. 

"What I did was go back to my history and remember what my grandmother and parents would be cooking. Short ribs was something that was a wonderful surprise on a Sunday. For me being a chef, I always want to take experiences and incorporate it into what I'm doing today, and see how we can take it up a couple of notches," Chef Taz says. 

And you can take a tour of the islands with Coop Caribbean's food inside Detroit Shipping Company on Peterboro Street. 

You can learn more about the food in the Nosh with Josh in the video player above. Then, the chefs join us on The Nine to tell us more about their special dinner. 

You can get ticket information online here