Cops: Carjacker who used UZI has DNA match to drug crime 2 years ago

A Detroit teen already locked up on serious charges is now facing more trouble after police matched his DNA to more crimes.

Police say Dietrich Sanders tried to carjack a Roseville woman with an UZI, six months ago.

After his arrest, police ran his DNA and found it matched a case in Harper Woods in 2013 where an officer tried to arrest a man on drug charges.

According to police, Sanders was found with 100 individually packaged rocks of crack cocaine on him at a Harper Woods BP on Eight Mile. He allegedly assaulted the officer by biting him in the arm and fled on foot.

Detectives pulled a saliva sample from the assault which was later used in the investigation.

Now two years later,  police think they have their man.

Last April, Sanders allegedly used the UZI in an attempted carjacking of a Roseville woman.

Sanders remains behind bars on a million dollars bond. He was already facing up to life in prison for the carjacking and he faces 20 additional years for the latest charges.