Coronavirus is now coming for your wedding dress

As concerns over the coronavirus continue to extend across the planet, so have ancillary businesses that rely on global trade that moves with it.

The viral disease, which originated in China, has paralyzed airports and hospitals serving the country and travelers coming from the country. Now it's impacting bridal gown stores all the way in metro Detroit.

"If you have not placed an order for a bridal gown you're going to want to ASAP," said Michelle McFarland, owner of The Wedding Shoppe in Berkley.

Clients shopping at McFarland's business may see delays in orders for wedding dresses, following more than one delay in manufacturing by factories in China.

Due to the Chinese New Year, many factories had shut down for weeks. For importers of goods made in the country, that barrier was anticipated.

"We've been assured by our designers that the factories have been reopened and employees are back and working on the wedding dresses," McFarland said.

What wasn't anticipated was the coronavirus shifting schedules around. Many factories are changing their routine, choosing to prioritize dresses based on the date of a wedding, not when the order was received.

"We are trying to get the dresses in for the brides whose weddings are sooner because we want everybody's dream to come true," added McFarland.

The store owner is also the president of the National Bridal Retailers Association. With knowledge in about every facet of the bridal industry, her advice is for soon-to-be brides to not panic and proactive.

She's also recommending customers begin prioritizing any accessories like veils as well.

"A headpiece, jewelry, that's something you're going to want to do now versus later so you have options," said McFarland.