Count Day at Detroit Public Schools

It's important for students to be in class every day, but this Wednesday was particularily important on Count Day. Count Day is the day attendance impacts districts around the state financially. Each student there means so many dollars towards the school. So, maximum number of students equals maximum number of dollars.

Each student in attendance means $7,500 for the school. District officials say enrollment numbers have been stablilized in the last two years, and say part of the credit goes to fathers.

For example, Chrysler Elementary formed the Dad's Club to keep kids and the community engaged. Chrysler Elementary had 100 percent attendance on Count Day.

Many schools had incentives to get kids in the classrooms. Some brought in exotic animals, gave away backpacks or had a special menu for the day.

The projected enrollment in the DPS system is 46,000 students this year. Although that is down two percent from last year, the district believes numbers are stabilizing and say they are not seeing the numbers decrease like they did in years past.